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Ergonomic Office Chairs: Cubicle, Guest and Receptionist Chairs

Wonder no more about the importance of the ergonomic office chair because The Office Station is ready to help your business out during your next purchase. These chairs are adjustable when it comes to height, tilt and lumbar support. Your employees sit down in an ergonomic cubicle chair with a view of Palm Beach in the window, and they can complete projects without any physical fatigue. In fact, their overall health improves so that sick days are minimal.

Choose from task, executive, leather, management and ergonomic guest chair designs. Some of the top names in the industry are represented at our West Palm Beach location, including Concetto, Stella, Ortego and Spazio. Pick out an ergonomic receptionist chair for your Boca Raton business, and you'll see a difference in employee productivity and happiness on the job.

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Ergonomic Chairs & Productivity

Combining price and quality for the best value.

When selecting a chair, consider what you need it for. Are you going to work on that chair for several hours during the day? What is your height, weight? Is the design of the chair important to you? Even though price is important when choosing a chair, consider its capacity to fulfill your requirements of use. Ergonomic chairs are usually rated to withstand users of up to 250 lbs. Also, the mechanism and the controls or adjustments define how ergonomic the chair is. In other words, how the chair can adapt to your requirements when working and help you avoid fatigue, pain and be more productive.

The basic chairs have pneumatic height adjustment. The better chairs have “knee tilt” mechanisms. This means that when you recline your knees don’t go up but rather you feel like you are sinking into a cloud. It’s the most comfortable reclining system. It is achieved by placing the pivot point towards the front of the chair rather than at the middle or center of the base. Other ergonomic features include: two to one reclining ratio, tilt tension control, seat slider or depth adjustment, adjustable arms rests (critical for avoiding back pain and providing adequate arm support) and one of the most important features; the foam density of the seat. The Office Station brings you some of the best priced ergonomic chairs available.

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